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Oldies but Goldies. No longer dewy fresh, no less relevant. Here we are generating a shortlist of our favourites with short descriptions.

We will send you further project descriptions on request to:

AstraZeneca, Hamburg, Germany

AstraZeneca German Headquarters

Activity Based Working concept - agile and flexible working that promotes creativity.

In addition to classic open and closed office areas, various types of meeting and conference rooms are being developed. Employee communication, in all its possible forms, takes centre stage. Retreat areas are created for quiet, concentrated work.

The lighting design is supported by excellent workplace lighting in combination with contrasting light accents on surfaces that define the room. The flexible room-in-room situations and the high-quality materials of the furniture are emphasised. Decorative lighting systems in the reception area, in the company's own cafeteria and in the lounge and workshop area complete the representative impression and at the same time loosen up the clear lines of the lighting concept.

All areas over 5 floors were planned by us: Reception, office areas, meeting and conference rooms, pods, tea kitchens, storage, ancillary rooms, lounge, workshop area and the cafeteria.

Interior design: Combine Consulting GmbH
Photos: Laura Thiesbrummel