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Oldies but Goldies. No longer dewy fresh, no less relevant. Here we are generating a shortlist of our favourites with short descriptions.

We will send you further project descriptions on request to:

Sparda Bank, Berlin, Germany

New work concept in the banking sector

Sparda Bank is launching a new flexible office space at the Design Offices in Berlin Unter den Linden in 2023. Open structures and changes between the different areas, such as office space, meeting rooms, think pods and multifunctional areas, interlock and can also be used separately in some cases.

The idea behind the interior concept is a continuous connecting axis that links the entrance area, office wing and all adjoining conference and functional areas. This axis is emphasized by a meandering lighting track system. The black tracks are arranged in such a way that they run into the relevant areas, providing orientation and creating a specially designed ceiling appearance.

The systems are fitted with track spotlights with different beam angles so that tables can be accentuated, walls illuminated over a wide area and marking points emphasized. Diffuse lighting elements provide a soft lighting component in the depth of the room. The lounge and reception areas are complemented by decorative luminaires and luminaire systems that create a homely feeling in the working environment.

As only a certain, very small number of supply lines were available in the project, classic Dali dimming could not be implemented. We used a Bluetooth control system that automatically calls up preset lighting scenes.

Interior designer: loop GmbH, Berlin
Photos: Philipp Jester, Berlin