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Here’s where we’re heading at: updates of ongoing projects, our team’s personal selection and what is recently on our design board – and from M.Bassy, our supported and cherished social-cultural project.

Project: Thalia Theater

Revitalisation of the cove lighting in the auditorium of the Thalia Theater

Linear LED lighting technology in a dynamic white design.

We are planning and supervising the re-equipping of the existing coves of light along the wall surfaces of the stalls, the boxes and the middle tier of the auditorium.

Our work in brief:
– Determination of the most suitable product in terms of construction and design in several rounds of sampling.
– Selection and connection of the new, dimmable operating technology to the DMX lighting control system of the Thalia Theatre's lighting department. Some of the lighting coves are actively used during performances/plays.
– Supervision of installation and cabling within the structurally different and partly very filigree existing coves on all three levels without the need for complex additional structural measures.

Project: Thalia Theater, Hamburg
Client: Sprinkenhof GmbH, Hamburg
Licht 01 Project management: David Bosbach
Photos: Licht 01