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Here’s where we’re heading at: updates of ongoing projects, our team’s personal selection and what is recently on our design board – and from M.Bassy, our supported and cherished social-cultural project.

Current project: Schauspielhaus Hamburg

Sampling at the Schauspielhaus

We dress warmly and are on site.

To optimise the façade lighting, we are revising the existing lighting concept. It will be converted to LED.

Our aim is to plan sustainably and to contribute to generating as little light as possible.
After planning and presentation, we carry out sampling in order to be able to evaluate the lighting technology on the object even better. Light distribution, beam angle, colour temperature, reflection properties of the surfaces and other lighting characteristics can thus be perceived in a more differentiated way on the original façade.

Mounting options and dimensions are also clarified during the sampling.

On site: David Bosbach, Katja Winkelmann, Robert von Sichart and the team from Fritsche-Elektrotechnik.